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What People Are Saying:

Dear Kamila, thank you so much for the generous sharing of your expertise and experience. It has been a very inspiring conversation for me! I start to learn about making sure of the right building blocks (diet, vegetables, hydration, supplements … etc.), detoxing and building peace in mind at a point where I’m re-starting my first IVF session again after 2 years of waiting. I’m still so amazed about how you integrated great practices from my culture into the fertility preparation suggestions. It makes it so much more comfortable for me to coordinate with a new but healthier routine, on the journey of pursuing a beneficial IVF process. Again, thank you for sharing and being special your way!

Danielle, China

Dr. Kamilla has been a fantastic support right from the outset of my IVF journey. It was very settling to have someone by your side that can walk you through the steps, the ups and downs of this experience. Going through IVF is a physical, mental and emotional rollercoaster, having Dr. Kamilla as a coach made this journey much easier to navigate. For that I am eternally grateful, it wouldn’t have been the same without the support, knowledge and experience she offers!

Mariam, Spain

Knowing that Dr. Kamilla is from a medical background, but has also gone through the many IVF steps and frustrations that I have, gives me a lot of confidence that she understands what I am going through and can professionally and personally vouch for the advice that she is giving me. What she says makes so much sense to me and makes me believe that I can influence my own chances of getting pregnant - which reduces my stress and probably actually increases my chances in itself.

Marianne, Switzerland