Kamilla Holst is a Pediatric Chiropractor and specializes in helping women experience wellness and healthy lifestyle throughout pregnancy and after birth.

She is used to treating other family members as well and men are very welcome in the clinic. 

Also an experienced Sports Chiropractor treating Olympic and World Champions. 

Are you currently pregnant?


Would you like to experience a shorter labour?  


Are you generally feeling uncomfortable in your body?


Are you suffering from lower back pain or pain in your pelvic area?


Do you feel exhausted and stressed? 


Are you not getting quality sleep?


Would you like to function at an optimal level in mind, body and spirit and feel more balanced?


Would you feel re-assured and less fearful if you had the opportunity to ask a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic questions about your pregnancy?


If you want to minimise your aches and pains throughout pregnancy, overcome your pregnancy related fears and reduce the duration of your labour, I can help you here in Hong Kong!

As a registered Chiropractor (who is an expert in treating expectant mothers throughout all stages of their pregnancy and after birth), and a certified Life Coach I take a holistic approach to treating my clients. I believe that there’s more to treating a patient than just working on their spine.

When you experience a physical or emotional trauma this results in an energy block and you can experience muscle tension and stiffness. As a result you would come to see a chiropractor to help relieve your discomfort.

However, in order for you to receive the highest quality chiropractic treatment throughout your pregnancy, I also love to tap into your emotions and how you’re feeling. When we identify the underlying emotional block you are experiencing, the physical chiropractic treatment works a whole lot better!

And whether this is your first pregnancy or you’re an experienced mother, there are a whole heap of emotions including stress, anxiety and fear running through your body!

That’s why as a qualified holistic practitioner I create a safe, soothing and calm space for my clients to open up and receive the highest level of treatment for their body and mind.

“Dr Holst has had a significant impact on how I’ve handled my pregnancy so far. Not only has she helped to ease my back, shoulder and neck pain she has also created a welcoming and friendly space for me to discuss the current stressors in my life and she’s answered all my questions about pregnancy, the delivery and beyond. This has put me at ease because I’ve found here in Hong Kong that my time with the obstetrician is limited and not all of my questions are answered. I can’t recommend Dr. Holst highly enough!”

Ainslie Young – Online Marketing Consultant

"Kamilla is the Go-To Pregnancy Chiropractor in Hong Kong. Her treatments were extremely beneficial during my pregnancy. She helped reduce my back pain as well as prepare the womb for the baby to turn head down. I wish I knew about chiropractic pregnancy services for my 1st pregnancy."

Amelie D.C, CEO 

What does a holistic pregnancy chiropractic treatment look like with Kamilla Holst?

If you have some fear around chiropractic treatment or you’ve never seen a chiropractor before, I’ve outlined how a holistic chiropractic pregnancy treatment would look like when you come to see me. (As you will discover below - there’s nothing to worry about and I talk you through the entire process!)

I want you to know that chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is perfectly safe and that I’m highly experienced in treating clients who have never seen a chiropractor before (they are actually my favourite!)

Also, when you come to see me I customise each chiropractic treatment to your unique needs and bring in the all-important emotional side of your well being: 

1. Client Energy Analysis - as a conduit for healing, before you arrive I’ll tap into your current energy and assess what level of treatment will best suit you. This helps me gauge how your chiropractic treatment will unfold and allows me to tailor your experience to your body’s needs,

2. Medical Background - I’ll then take a thorough medical history and together we tap into the primary physical issue you’re experiencing,

3. Posture Analysis - following on from this is a posture analysis where I examine the alignment of your spine,

4. Body Scan - next is a body scan where I gently touch your body to identify any muscular or skeletal imbalances. I’m also checking for muscle tension around your vertebrae,

5. Neurological Exam - I’ll also check your reflexes, muscle strength and skin sensitivity, which measures the status of your nerves and helps to rule out any red flags eg. a bulging disc,

6. Treatment - after completing a thorough physical analysis I’ll then start your treatment where I use specific techniques that gently and safely mobilise your spine and nervous system. As your belly gets bigger I use a pregnancy pillow to take the weight of your lumbar spine and ensure you’re as comfortable as possible, receiving the highest level of treatment. You can watch a short video of a late pregnancy adjustment below.

7. Pregnancy Counseling - if you’re open to it, I’ll ask you some insightful questions so we can tap into how you’re feeling and identify any fears or stressors in your life or around your pregnancy. I can then provide you with some specific coaching tools such as meditations, journal writing activities and powerful affirmations to help with this side of your healing.

Late pregnancy adjustment

Benefits of a Holistic Chiropractic Pregnancy Treatment with Kamilla Holst 




After your holistic chiropractic treatment you and your baby will experience a number of benefits including:




10 Positive Ways Chiropractic Treatment Can Change The Way You Experience Pregnancy

You can download a FREE Cheat Sheet I’ve created for you where I outline 10 Key Benefits of Chiropractic Care For You and Your Baby. Plus I answer the most frequently asked questions I come across in the clinic from my pregnant chiropractic clients including:

  • Is chiropractic treatment during pregnancy safe?
  • Can chiropractic treatment cause a miscarriage?
  • What if my baby is breech? Can chiropractic treatment help? 

Download Now - All of Your Questions Answered! 



Chiropractic Treatment For Your Baby


If you’ve experienced a difficult birth, for example a very long or short labour or undergone a cesarean where the baby has been pulled out aggressively, it’s likely that your baby’s spine and neck will experience strain.

Also if you’re expecting multiples, twins have restricted room to move in your uterus, particularly in the last trimester and this can also cause strain on a baby’s spine.

This is why I encourage mothers of newborn babies to have their little one treated by an expert Chiropractor.

I treat a baby’s musculoskeletal system in a very gentle manner to restore balance, which can help alleviate the following:

  • Increased crying spells,
  • Restlessness,
  • Sleeping problems,
  • Distortion of the skull,
  • Problems with breastfeeding,
  • Having a favourite side to lie or breastfeed. 

You can also watch a short video below of a baby’s first adjustment

Baby’s first adjustment

As Hong Kong’s Go-To Chiropractor who specialises in taking a holistic approach when treating pregnant women, I would love to help to decrease any physical or emotional discomfort you may be experiencing during your pregnancy, answer your pregnancy related questions and alleviate any fears and even help reduce the duration of your labour! 

Together we can ensure that you have the best possible experience throughout your pregnancy, labour and post-delivery.

I look forward to treating you!

Kamilla Holst

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