I'm so excited to share with you the story of my pregnancy struggle, successes, and this amazing experience of parenthood. From our frustrating and overwhelming beginnings to our beautiful family, I'm striving to share all I can to help other women create a family they love. 

So join me on our journey together and discover the joyful side of motherhood.

Hello! I'm Dr. Kamilla Holst.

I worked for years as a Pregnancy & Baby Chiropractor in Denmark, Sweden and Hong Kong, helping thousands of women feel their best during their pregnancy and postpartum period.

I absolutely loved my job, but secretly I was struggling with infertility myself. As much as I loved Hong Kong, it didn't help my fertility, that I worked long hours, drank way too much coffee and my stress levels were through the roof, living in one of the busiest and most expensive cities in The World. 

After deciding to return to my home country of Denmark, to pursue my dreams of being a mother, I found the fertility path ahead of me was very long and confusing. And I didn't really have anyone in my close circle, who had gone through fertility treatments. 

Luckily I'm stubborn AF, so I didn't give up... After several long and complex cycles, painful losses, moving countries again and through trial and error, I finally succeeded in conceiving my two beautiful children. 

Now I've made it my life's work helping other women find success through IVF treatments and the recovery process that happens afterwards!

I have had an emergency C-section and a planned C-section within 2 years and know what it takes to recover in the best way possible.

Wherever you're at in your motherhood journey, I've got your back! 



My Methods

A more holistic approach

There's so much more to your fertility journey than taking more meds and hoping.

All of my programs and community are focused on the whole person. Working on mindfulness, movement, and diet.

This will promote a happier and healthier outcome for your pregnancy and the years to come.

C-Section Recovery

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Mariam, Spain

"Dr. Kamilla has been a fantastic support right from the outset of my IVF journey. It was very settling to have someone by your side that could walk you through the steps, the ups and downs of this experience. Going through IVF is a physical, mental, and emotional rollercoaster, having Dr. Kamilla as a coach made this journey much easier to navigate. For that I am eternally grateful, it wouldn’t have been the same without the support, knowledge, and experience she offers!”

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