A Down to Earth Approach

Project Pregnancy is a women's health education hot spot and community support that focuses on a holistic approach to your mental and physical health as well as fertility guidance and support.

You know that women's health, fertility, and pregnancy are more than just needles, uncomfortable exams, long nights Googling random symptoms and worrying about the future. 

You want to feel confident, relaxed, and, more importantly, ready for this journey … you just need someone to guide you through those big feelings, give you insider knowledge, and give you the simple steps to follow during this time.

Oh, you’re in just the right place, mama! That’s where I come in:   

Fertility and pregnancy coach extraordinaire, at your service.

Hello & Welcome

I’m Dr. Kamilla Holst, and I work with women looking to approach their fertility journey and pregnancy in a well-being-centered way.

I provide education, guidance and support to women just like you who are on their motherhood journey—all while staying healthy body, mind and soul, without all the overwhelm and loneliness so many women face during this time.

With a background of 6 years in University and training to become a Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in pregnancy & postpartum, I have worked internationally in Denmark, Sweden, and Hong Kong, helping thousands of women feel their best going into pregnancy, thriving through it and surviving the postpartum period also known as the fourth trimester.  

Now, in addition, I provide coaching/mentorship, courses, and resources for women struggling with fertility or adjusting post-pregnancy, so you can enjoy the journey and be prepared rather than fear it...

My Mission

To help other women navigate and thrive during their pregnancy journey without the confusion, loneliness, mental exhaustion, and physical stress of their bodies.



Years of experience.



Happy Clients



Years of my own fertility journey

Mariam, Spain

"Dr. Kamilla has been a fantastic support right from the outset of my IVF journey. It was very settling to have someone by your side that could walk you through the steps, the ups and downs of this experience. Going through IVF is a physical, mental, and emotional rollercoaster, having Dr. Kamilla as a coach made this journey much easier to navigate. For that I am eternally grateful, it wouldn’t have been the same without the support, knowledge, and experience she offers!”


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I TRUST in the Universe

Pregnancy Craving Food

Cinnamon rolls from the local bakery in town. Amazing!


Number 3. I'm an achiever.

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Focusing my new passions again after baby number two

Guilty Pleasure

Dark chocolate and Japanese reality TV after the baby goes to sleep.

So... where to next?

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