Don’t let past fertility struggles define your dreams of having a family.

I’m Dr. Kamilla Holst, and I’m here to support you through your darkest days, celebrate the joyous news, and be there for all the messy moments in between.

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Achieve Your Fertility Goals While Staying Sound of Mind & Body

 I'll give you the guidance and insider knowledge to finally achieve your fertility goals while keeping your mental and physical well-being top of mind.


I’ve been there through it all. The heartbreaking phone calls, the painful months of injections, the sleepless nights full of worry. I understand the need to have someone hold your hand, give encouragement, and let you know it’s going to be alright.

When You're a Part of The Project Pregnancy Community

You can expect:

Encouragement, confidence and community from like minded women who are going through or have been through similar fertility struggles and journeys

Wellness focused fertility advice and guidance to ensure you don’t lose your sense of self and wellbeing during this trying time

Simple and yet straight forward advice that anyone can use to achieve a more meaningful and rounded approach to female health and fertility

As seen in:

How to approach your fertility journey mindfully and holistically


The Project Pregnancy Method



Start simply

Discover simple but effective changes you can make to your eating habits, mindfulness, and environment. All to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for this journey.


Prepare your Mind & Body


Strengthen your mind & body

Now that you’ve prepared your body, it’s time to expand your limits. Engage in easy exercises, overcome limiting beliefs, and become better prepared for the challenges you will face.


Expand your Knowledge

Connect with Others

Community and connection is one of the most important parts of the motherhood journey. Whether you're preparing for or in your postpartum season. You'll have a community of strong mothers and mamas to be in your corner.

Connect with the Community

You need someone who understands the pain infertility causes and the struggles you must face to overcome it.

Everywhere I looked, I saw women facing the same problems I was. Going through expensive and intensive trials of IVF only to have mediocre results at best and a completely failed trial at its worst. Going through the sleepless nights, feeling so alone, you swear you can feel your heart breaking.  

Facing infertility head-on isn’t for the faint of heart—being a woman with infertility struggles also means social pressures and feeling disconnected from your own body—even if you have a supportive family and perfect partner. Going through the trials and tribulations to become pregnant, that stress stays with you. You'll sometimes feel like you can't breathe until you're holding your sweet newborn in your arms.

That’s precisely why I got into what I do.

Now, I create fertility educational resources (backed by years of studying as a pregnancy chiropractor and my own journey) for brave women ready to commit to their fertility journey wholeheartedly—just like you—so you can finally achieve that big-hearted dream of building your family.

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Mariam, Spain

Dr. Kamilla has been a fantastic support right from the outset of my IVF journey. It was very settling to have someone by your side that can walk you through the steps, the ups and downs of this experience. Going through IVF is a physical, mental and emotional rollercoaster, having Dr. Kamilla as a coach made this journey much easier to navigate. For that I am eternally grateful, it wouldn’t have been the same without the support, knowledge and experience she offers!

Marianne, Switzerland

Knowing that Dr Kamilla is from a medical background but has also gone through the many IVF steps and frustrations that I have gives me a lot of confidence that she understands what I am going through and can professionally and personally vouch for the advice she is giving me. What she says makes so much sense to me and makes me believe that I can influence my chances of getting pregnant - which reduces my stress and probably actually increases my chances.

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